The Revelation of SpaceShipTwo cabin design by Virgin Galactic Scheduled for July 28

Soon, people will have an opportunity to see how the cabin of a suborbital spaceliner will look like. That’s after the company said that it would do so on July 28. The SpaceShipTwo space plane is designed to accommodate six passengers, and how it looks in the interior will be announced on that day. A virtual walkthrough of the interior will be part of the live coverage expected to be live on YouTube.

According to the CEO of Virgin Galactic George Whitesides, this one will also meet the expectations of many if not surpass them. The company is well-known for its great designs. One such example is the operational headquarters based in Spaceport America in New Mexico. Basically, every design that the brand has ever come up with always stands out. According to Whitesides, the new one is no exception. It is also visually appealing, functional, and progress is incredibly great despite the current situations.

If things go as planned, the carrier place of the SpaceShipTwo will be the WhiteKnightTwo. The latter will release the former at an altitude of 50,000 feet. After that, the SpaceShipTwo will make its own suborbital space with the help of its onboard rocket motor that will fire it up. Those on board will experience weightlessness for a short stint. At the same time, they will see Earth’s Curvature. The ticket price will be around $250,000. So far, reservations have been made by over 600 people who can’t wait to experience the new adventure.

This will be a great addition to yet another milestone by SpaceShipTwo. After all, the company launched the VSS Unity, which has so far undergone two piloted test flights. Its first flight to the suborbital space was in December 2018, while the other one was in February 2019. The two missions not only took off but also landed at the Mojave Air and Space Port of South California. It is located near the headquarters of a manufacturing subsidiary of Virgin Galactic, known as The Spaceship Company. Since they will be part of the commercial operations, VMS Eve, WhiteKnightTwo, and VSS Unity are now based at Spaceport America, which is the headquarter of such operations. No wonder the Unity has also undergone two unpowered glide flights from that location. One was in May, and the second one was in June.

Things are said to even get better. Anytime from now, Eve and Unity, may not be the only Virgin Galactic craft. That’s given the fact that two additional SpaceShipTwo vehicles are being constructed at Mojave. Also, there is enough room at the Spaceport America’s hangar to accommodate two WhiteKnightTwos and up to five SpaceShipTwos at the same time.

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